Unite Foundation

The Unite Foundation is recruiting for a new Director!

We are an independent registered charity that provides a unique, national accommodation scholarship for care leavers and estranged young people who want to go to university. Our scholarship takes care of a place for scholars to live throughout their studies so that they can focus on embracing the full university experience and plan their future.

Though our scholars are united by their ‘status’, their backgrounds, experiences, challenges and aspirations are all different. Our strategic vision is for our scholars to lead their own narrative and for us to work with them to instigate changes that improve the university experience for all care leaver and estranged students.

We’ve already been making steps on this journey, having launched the This is Us podcast (now entering its 2nd series); this is fast becoming a vibrant platform that unites care experienced and estranged students through both their commonalities and individualities. We’re currently working closely with our scholars to broaden this network beyond the podcast to foster a wide sense of community and a force for change.

Our new leader will understand the importance, and relevance, of diversity within our scholarship population and we are really keen to hear from candidates with personal experience of care or estrangement; passionate about putting our young people first and campaigning, with our scholars, to get the best outcomes for them.

For more information and to apply, please click here.