Unite Foundation

Taking the stress away…

‘Craig’ is a great example of how the Unite Foundation Scholarship can reduce stress levels for first years and help to build confidence in the future. He spoke to Helen about it earlier this year…

“The Unite Foundation scholarship was definitely a huge factor in whether I would come to university or not. The scholarship really helped; it made that decision much, much easier than it would have been without it. Being at uni is very liberating and pursuing a subject that I love is just brilliant to be honest – without the scholarship it would have been struggle to think about coming here and it I might not have done it realistically.

“I think while I am here what it means is just safety really – it gives you that sense of secureness within your environment, you know that it’s not going to change easily, and that you are secure here. Which to someone like me that has not experienced security much it’s very nice to have.

“What it means to me? It means a whole deal – it means that I get the sort of independence to do what I need to do and to go on and do the best thing I possibly can with my life really, and to go on and get the best sort of qualification so I can get the best chance out of life.

“And realistically I could not have done that otherwise.

“If I could sum up the Unite scholarship in three words it would be safety, security and…and sort of less stress – but I’m trying to find the right way to say that properly!”