Unite Foundation

Volunteering to develop skills

Hi I’m Rosa

In my final year at university I really needed to focus on my studies but also wanted to continue with extra-curricular activities that I’m passionate about.  When I heard about the opportunity to be a Green Impact Consultant for Unite Students, I immediately applied.   (The Green Impact Scheme encourages residents and staff to make changes for the environment.)

Being a part of Green Impact was great as I was able to improve the environment of what was basically my home and only needed to commit one hour a week.  Win Win!   The role encouraged me to think critically and recommend small changes that added up to a real difference.  We held meetings with members of Unite staff to share ideas – it felt good to be part of the student voice – and great to know that our efforts led to positive changes not just for me but for everyone in our immediate community.

I also got the chance to write a blog post for the website about going vegetarian for a week. Not only did this improve my writing and planning skills, the research for it about the relationship between eating meat and the environment was a real eye opener.

I’m so glad that this opportunity was literally on my doorstep; it’s improved my communication skills, enhanced my knowledge and given me the confidence to make a difference.

If you’re a Foundation student definitely get involved with opportunities that come your way – you just never know what new skills you’ll discover.


What started out as a small break from study ended up giving me something really positive to put on my CV