Unite Foundation


“Partnership can be an important balancing act to get the right outcome for individual students”

At Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) we pride ourselves on our long history as a centre of education, culture and recreation for bright minds of many nationalities.   We’re thoroughly committed to providing a strong platform for success for care leaver and estranged young people and this is true to our background as a People’s Palace from the 1800’s providing an education for those that society often forgets.

The Unite Scholarships are generous and we’re delighted to be able to offer them, but we know that financial support alone will not always guarantee a positive outcome and that’s where Unite stands out as a donor actively involved in the wellbeing of the student beyond the initial gift.

For some care leavers and estranged students the emotional challenges they face whilst at university can weigh heavily.  This is not surprising given the reality for them may well be complete emotional and financial independence at an age when their peers are regularly accessing the family safety net for advice, encouragement and practical support.

At QMUL, our academic, welfare and finance teams work together to support success for Foundation students.  In addition, the Foundation team is always willing to work with us on behalf of individual students.  The Foundation, through Unite Students, connects to a student’s home and so has a unique insight into the wellbeing of young people that we know is such an important foundation for retention, progression and attainment.”


The security and stability that comes with knowing I have somewhere to live all year round has helped my mental health.