Unite Foundation

From care to university

I’d always found school pretty hard going.  I had been in and out of different foster care placements since I was 9, which meant that my life was a bit disrupted over the months and years.

Sometimes that meant going to different schools to be closer to where I was living.  My behaviour wasn’t always  too great at that time and I often felt stressed out about everything else going on.   I wasn’t a normal kid with a ‘normal’ family who only had to worry about doing their home work and making sure they didn’t miss the bus. I felt like an outsider and a loner a lot of the time to be honest.

I managed to do ok in my A Levels at the second attempt and get into uni.  I was really happy about that but this brought up more challenges, where was I going to live? And how was I going to afford it?  It was the university that told me about the Unite Foundation scholarship and the day I found out I’d got it was the biggest relief of my life!

Now I’ve been able to be in the same building for the last 2 years and am staying again next year.   A couple of my flatmates from the first year have stayed in the same place too and though we can sometimes wind each other up a bit, we’re tight.   A big thank you to the Unite Foundation for providing me with a fixed place to be and security from money worries.  I hope I do you  (and me) proud.


The day I found out that I'd been accepted for a scholarship will stick in my memory forever. I'd never felt so relieved!