Unite Foundation

Emily’s story

My childhood was tense and unstable with a complicated, difficult family situation. I coped by throwing myself into education. By the time I was 18 I had my heart set on War Studies at King’s College London, but without family I knew the challenges I would face.

I had a job but it clearly wasn’t enough and I discussed this problem regularly with my teacher before we came across the Unite Foundation. He convinced me to apply.  I was nervous about my A level results but elated to find that I got three A’s and then even more good news; I was to be a Unite Foundation scholar.

The impact of the scholarship has been immense. It has provided me with a safe, comfortable and independent space – somewhere to call my own.  Somewhere that I can rely on, that can’t disappear.  Many students don’t have this; some don’t have a home to go back to in the summer. If I didn’t have this scholarship, I would’ve been one of them.

The Unite Foundation has given me precious breathing space in which to reflect and come to terms with the previous events of my life.


I believe that family circumstances shouldn’t impact on higher education. Those with the ability, ambition and drive to succeed at university should be allowed to excel no matter their background.