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Somewhere to stay for the Summer…

‘Kelly’ wanted to return to London for the Summer and was given a fantastic work opportunity but she needed somewhere to stay. The Foundation was able to help…

“I study at Portsmouth university, but I come from London. I missed London. Therefore, I was determined to go back for the summer holidays. However, I wasn’t sure where I was going to stay. As a result, I read through the benefits that the Unite Foundation Scholarship scheme has to offer and the summer room was included.  As a result, I asked the Unite Foundation team, further information about the summer room option. Then, I got a job at Track Academy, as a coaching assistant. After, I was able to get a summer room in London.

“The job means a lot to me because, I have been shadowing other coaches to train athletes. This time, I was able to complete the coaching assistant course. I trained my own group of athletes from age 4 to 14 plus. I have learnt new things about coaching and I have gained good experience from coaching on my own. I have improved my personal skills and this will boost my CV. In addition, the Foundation housing as made a difference, as I was able to go back to London and experience coaching again. I am extremely satisfied. Most importantly, I am very thankful to the ‘Unite Foundation Team’, for giving me this great opportunity.

“To all the students who have this scholarship. I would recommend you to take advantage of it, as it is there for us. If you have any questions about the benefits of the scholarship, you should ask the Unite Foundation team, as they will surely give you advice and help you. Also, opportunities only come once in a life time, use it wisely.”

Yvonne Simpson, Project Coordinator of Track Academy said:

“Track Academy is a registered charity which uses sport for social change among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Academy members are given inspiration to succeed both on and off the track. Alongside athletics coaching, they attend education sessions to help them gain qualifications, encouraging them to carve out fulfilling lives away from negative influences.

“‘Kelly’ is a returning Track Academy alumni and a qualified coaching assistant whom we have seen grown from a reserved softly spoken individual to someone who has flourished into a positive, respectful and outspoken person. Her coaching style has demanded respect on the track within the academy from her peers to student athletes.

We are looking forward to seeing greater opportunities and development from her and we wish her all the best and good luck in her second year of university.”