Unite Foundation

Sarah’s Story…

The holidays can be a lonely time of year for lots of people and for many of our Foundation scholars it can mean having less people around when their flatmates go home. We do what we can to put our scholars in touch over the course of the year s o they can meet up over the holidays and the Unite Foundation and Unite Students staff are around through the year for support.

One of the advantages of being a Unite Foundation scholar is that your room is available all year round, even through the summer meaning our scholars have a place to call their own for the whole year. This said, sometimes an opportunity arises and if a scholar has the chance to work in their hometown for the holidays we’ll do everything we can to find them a room and support them there if we are able to. Scholars like Sarah who had the chance to go back to her hometown last Christmas to work in an environment she is happy in, earning precious extra money for the coming months.

“I work for a GREAT fair-trade, cultural and sustainable shop in Bournemouth and also the Dorset Mental Health Forum. In the holidays I will be working there as it builds up my CV and my relationship with my work colleagues and employers is great.”

Not only did the opportunity to go back to Bournemouth for the holidays give Sarah valuable experience for her CV and extra cash, it also meant she could see her circle of friends in Bournemouth over Christmas; those most important to her.

“Bournemouth holds a lot of importance to me with my loved ones and friends being there. Because of The Unite Foundation I am able to have accommodation in my hometown at Christmas where I will be able to work at Christmas and study. The Unite Foundation is incredible!”