Unite Foundation

Eluned Parrott Introduces the December Newsletter

This issue of our newsletter shares stories from some of our scholars on how they are building their own communities and sense of belonging. We’ll be hearing from Asher, who set up a student society in Bristol University to show the next generation of care-leavers and estranged students that they DO belong in university. We also have an interview with ‘Sylvie’, where she shares how getting involved in university sports has helped build her confidence and sense of belonging. Community can come from short interactions, for example work experience and we’re featuring one of our corporate supporters who has led the way.

In February next year we’ll be publishing a major piece of research that looks at the factors that affect whether care-leavers and estranged students attend and continue their studies at university. One of the themes emerging from that work is a better understanding of how a complex network of practical and emotional factors can lead to people feeling like outsiders in their own peer group. I’m looking forward to sharing that learning with you when the report is published.

In the meantime, as we head towards the festive period, on behalf of the Foundation, I wish you a peaceful and happy time with your community, whoever they may be.