Unite Foundation

A World of Difference…

Needs change, people change and sometimes we all need a little extra. Here, one of our Scholars explains how the Foundation responded to support him this year…

“Things weren’t ideal for me at the beginning of this year, a really important year for me. Not only is it the final year of my undergraduate degree but I am also meeting with lecturers and mentors to discuss the next stages of my academic career. After achieving 1st class results across all my modules in second year, I hoped to continue to perform well academically in my final undergraduate year. However, with new flatmates moving in, various issues arose which created issues regarding my health and my academic performance. I was even considering taking some time out from uni to consider my options.

“This is where The Unite Foundation stepped in. They were able to secure me a studio flat within a Unite building and although I do have to contribute towards the cost, it is a small price to pay. It has made such a difference for me, both in terms of my academic performance and my overall health.

“The last few months have been very busy, but all of the work has paid off, as I’ve just received an offer to study for a MRes next year, followed by a PhD!”

I know that I definitely would not have been able to prepare for interview and be successful if it was not for all of the assistance the Foundation have provided me with. Thank you Unite Foundation for everything you have done.