Unite Foundation

Welcome to our new scholars!

Every year, thousands of students begin their university journey. Cases are filled, books are bought, kitchens and bedrooms are kitted out and the car is packed up. For 90 courageous Unite Foundation scholars in September 2018 the picture looked very different. This year we are proud to have supported more care leavers and young people estranged from their families than ever before. These students are beginning university, often without the support of a family and moving into, not just somewhere to stay during term time, but a new home, a place of their own to study and relief from the financial struggle of paying for accommodation through university, allowing them to fully concentrate on their degrees and their futures.

Our 2018/2019 intake are from all over the UK and are made up of 50 females and 40 males.



The 2018/2019 intake are studying a wide range of subjects within the recognised UCAS categorisation with over a third of students taking a Social Studies or Business and Administrative Studies degree. Creative subjects and Engineering and Technology also featured heavily in the subject choices.




We’re looking forward to getting to know our new scholars as they settle into their new homes and to supporting them through their university careers. We hope to introduce some of our 2018/19 scholars in the near future and share some of their individual stories here throughout the year.