Unite Foundation

Scholarships Awarded for 2017

Thanks to our expansion to 28 universities in 2017/2018, we will be welcoming 70 new Unite Foundation students through the doors of their free accommodation in September – and we can’t wait!

Our Board of Trustees decides on our scholarship allocations, making sure we get a balance of students across our university network. Check out the graphs below for some quick stats on our new cohort coming to a city near you in September!

Estranged young people are a really hard to reach group so we’re delighted that we’ve a great balance of estranged students and care leavers. (Our single ‘Article 26’ scholarship is awarded annually for a forced migrant student.)


We’ve got an amazing array of courses being studied including some new topics like cyber security, robotics, virology and Korean studies. We’ve still managed to get a strong mix of arts, sciences and professional/vocational subjects like law or nursing.


Our new students will be spread across the country, from Aberdeen to Plymouth. We are looking forward to welcoming them to the Foundation and to this exciting new phase in their lives.









June 2017