“The Unite Foundation… gave me a sense of hope that I had lost several years back.” 
Unite Foundation Scholarship Student, Queen Mary, University of London

Our Work

What we do
The Unite Foundation focuses on the success and wellbeing of young people, especially those who face disadvantage. Our Scholarship Scheme provides support for disadvantaged young people attending university, by providing accommodation and financial aid; priority is given to students for whom accommodation is a significant issue. We also work to integrate students with local communities, and promote the employability of students and other young people, especially where they may face disadvantage in gaining these skills and experiences.
Why it matters
Social mobility means improving life chances and harnessing abilities and strengths for societal progress. The United Kingdom has one of the developed world’s lowest levels of social mobility; the arguments for addressing this are educational (an excellent system maximises the talents of all), economic (a failure to improve social mobility will cost the UK economy approximately £140 billion per year by 2050), and egalitarian (in a fair society, what counts is ability and ambition, not background). Education, including skills for future employment, is a powerful driver of social mobility.
How we operate
We challenge patterns of disadvantage in a practical and targeted way, focussing on areas where we can make a material difference. Our Scholarship Scheme provides financial support and secure accommodation for students who are facing the greatest disadvantage (for example young people who have been in local authority care); our staff and student customers volunteer their time to make a positive social change, and in return gain valuable skills and experiences; and we partner with organisations that have a track record of delivering measurable results in these areas.