Unite Foundation

Getting career ready for life after Uni

Our scholarship students need to be resilient and hardworking; they’ve already overcome challenge to get to university but once there, still need to keep an eye fixed firmly on their futures. Employment is important both during and after university.

Unlike most new graduates, care leavers and estranged students are without the family safety net that most young adults take advantage of at some point in the early days of their careers.  Foundation students need, as well as want, to be able to support themselves straight from graduation.

There’s positive news from the Unite Foundation scholarship cohorts; of our 2017 group of 23 graduates, 83% (when asked in June) had firm plans in place for the year ahead.

  • 30% to postgraduate study
  • 40% would be working, with two thirds already having secured a professional role
  • 13% had overseas travel in mind

That still left 4 young people approaching graduation with little certainty in place for their future.  We want to make sure that our 2018 graduating students – and all future graduates – have a secure outcome after university and so we’re strengthening the support we provide in this area.


Confidence and skills training

Partnership is our watchword and we’re very grateful to the Debrett’s Academy for giving us free access to their confidence building and networking training.  We’ve run two of these sessions already with very positive feedback from our students and partner university careers function.   If your university would like to host a free skills training day for Foundation students and other care leavers and estranged young people get in touch now

Internships and work experience

We’ve asked all our current students exactly where they think their employability gaps are. As you’d expect, needs are diverse; we have students looking for summer opportunities to develop in finance, marketing, data analysis for example; we have young people keen to enhance their leadership qualities and we have some imminent graduates still searching for a career relevant permanent role.

We’re now reaching out to our networks and corporate supporters like CableCom Networking to help build these personal learning journeys. If you’d also like to help a young person build their CV and get career ready for life after university, do get in touch with the Foundation team now.