“When I had successfully been accepted for the scholarship I felt like I had won the lottery!”
King’s College Scholar



Is the Foundation an independent charity?
Yes. The Unite Foundation is a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and separately in Scotland.
Will the number of Scholars grow?
Yes. We currently have around 118 Scholars. That number will more than double in the coming few years.
Who decides who becomes a Unite Foundation Scholar?
The Foundation works with each university to set selection criteria, and selection decisions are then recommended by the university and confirmed by the Unite Foundation Board of Trustees.
Why are scholarships limited to those universities which take part?
The Foundation is charitable trust with limited administrative resources. Universities are experienced in this area and better placed to integrate Foundation scholarships into their overall activity.
For Unite Foundation Scholars
Can I choose to leave the accommodation and remain on the scheme?
Yes. You will no longer receive free accommodation, but you will continue to receive your annual cash scholarship.
Can I defer my scholarship, or take a year away from university?
Yes, if you have a year in industry or abroad you can take a year out of the scheme and return to it when you are back at university. If you need to take time out from your studies for another reason, please contact your university’s student finance office to ask how this may affect your Scholarship. We will do our best to continue to support you throughout your degree.
Who pays for my scholarship?
The Unite Foundation has a variety of funding sources, but the majority of funding comes from Unite Students, in whose accommodation you will be/are staying.
Will my identity remain confidential?
Yes, unless you say otherwise we will not reveal you are a Unite Foundation Scholar.
Can I stay in the property over the summer and Christmas holidays?
Yes. You are provided with accommodation for the duration of your degree. That includes all holidays. There might be exceptions where – for example – a room requires refurbishing, but alternative arrangements will be made if that is the case.
Will I be expected to do something to earn my scholarship?
No, you’ve already earned it by getting a university place and being selected for the Scholarship.
Can I move universities and take the Scholarship with me?
Not usually, the Scholarship is based on attendance at your university.
Are there other Unite Foundation Scholars at my university?
Yes, and you will have opportunities to meet them during your time at university if you wish to.
Are there things I can do to help the Foundation?
Certainly there are! You can agree to share your story (anonymously if you prefer) to tell other young people about the Scholarship Scheme. Get in touch if that is something you would like to do.
If I have a problem with my room, who do I go to?
Please speak to the team in your Unite Students accommodation who will be happy to help you.