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A Note From Our London Marathon Entrant…

“I’ll be brutally honest; running has never been my passion, and if you’d told me a year ago that I would be running the London Marathon, I wouldn’t have believed you, not in a million years! So as Winter turns to Spring, it should seem strange that I’m planning my runs and looking forward to clocking up almost 107 more miles in training! I’ve not got to this point on my own though. Along my journey I have acquired the support of a network of people who have helped me become physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to run the 26.2 miles in April. I didn’t think I needed anyone to run, I mean how hard can it be…? You put one foot in front of the other, and off you go! But now I have a team of friends behind me making sure they can support me to continue if I have a wobble and if I’m unsure of my ability, they will push me to prove that I can do it. I have run parts of the Hertfordshire countryside that I didn’t know were round the corner, been asked to leave farmers’ fields I’ve accidently gotten lost in and made friends through running races, helping others to achieve their personal best too.

I’ve faced personal challenges over the last few months but I’ve got through them thanks to running and an amazing support network. Every time I thought I couldn’t, I pushed myself out and clocked in another mile, I visualised crossing the finishing line. It’s a huge feeling of achievement already! Making the decision to take myself out of my comfort zone was significant for me.

My challenges pale in comparison though to those faced by the young people the Foundation supports. As I run I have found myself regularly considering the significance of support networks in all of our lives, networks that are so crucial to the success of care experienced and estranged students in Higher Education. We know that without a circle of support, relying on grit and determination alone, it can be so much more challenging to stay the course.

That’s why I want to give the Foundation Scholars the opportunity to build these kind of support systems at university, to get them through the challenges they face. Everything we raise here will be going towards events and opportunities to build these vital social support networks. March will see me concentrate on my fundraising activity, pulling out all my favours, and baking as many cakes as humanly possible to make this a reality.”

You can do your part by sponsoring Priya here… https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PriyaClarke1

Couch to 26.2 miles – Go Priya!